Thursday, 20 March 2014


Sugar might not be good for your intestine, But its so good for your skin. It exfoliates your skin by removing the dead skin to reveal new skin. When combined with other ingredients, it can make your skin soft and even give you a perfect skin glow. 
So looking for that perfect skin glow? Here's few steps to making the scrub to that perfect skin glow you desire.

- Pour 1/2 cup of either regular white or brown sugar into a bowl.

- Add 2 spoons of preferably Coconut oil, Olive oil or Almond oil. You can even put a mixture of  two  oils if you desire. 

- add few drops of Lemon juice and mix together.
-  Add essential oil of your choice for fragrance. (this is optional.) 

Its thats easy! 
with the mixture, get into your bathroom, pour water on your body to wet the skin, scrub with the sugar scrub and let it sit on your body for a minute before you rinse off. This recipe can be used on face as well with drops of honey. 

For sensitive skin, do a skin patch test before you use.
 Its easy to make, not time consuming and very affordable as the ingredients are readily 
around us.
My skin loves it! The only bad part is that it may make your bath tub slippery. So, clean your bathub very well so the next person using it doesn't slip.
A bientot!

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