Friday, 21 March 2014


Getting enough Greens can be, at times, difficult. But if you desire real beauty that comes from within, then you can't go wrong, by trying out this Smoothie.


  1.  1 Cup of clean Water
  2. 1 Apple
  3. 1/2 Avocado
  4. 1/2 Cucumber
  5. 1/2 Cup of Spinach
  6. 1/2 Banana
  7. 1 Cup of Ice cube
-To prepare wash Cucumber, Spinach, Apple and pour into a blender.
- Peel Avocado,Banana  and add all into a blender.
- Add water and ice cubes and blend until smooth.
Go ahead and drink your way to a healthy glowing skin, hair and nails.
A bientot!

Thursday, 20 March 2014


Sugar might not be good for your intestine, But its so good for your skin. It exfoliates your skin by removing the dead skin to reveal new skin. When combined with other ingredients, it can make your skin soft and even give you a perfect skin glow. 
So looking for that perfect skin glow? Here's few steps to making the scrub to that perfect skin glow you desire.

- Pour 1/2 cup of either regular white or brown sugar into a bowl.

- Add 2 spoons of preferably Coconut oil, Olive oil or Almond oil. You can even put a mixture of  two  oils if you desire. 

- add few drops of Lemon juice and mix together.
-  Add essential oil of your choice for fragrance. (this is optional.) 

Its thats easy! 
with the mixture, get into your bathroom, pour water on your body to wet the skin, scrub with the sugar scrub and let it sit on your body for a minute before you rinse off. This recipe can be used on face as well with drops of honey. 

For sensitive skin, do a skin patch test before you use.
 Its easy to make, not time consuming and very affordable as the ingredients are readily 
around us.
My skin loves it! The only bad part is that it may make your bath tub slippery. So, clean your bathub very well so the next person using it doesn't slip.
A bientot!

Monday, 17 March 2014


Hey Loves, I love this video and I hope you find it interesting. I guess I'm obessed with Coconut oil. 
It's so natural and healthy!! You can also view the original video here @ pinksofoxy.  
She gave pratical examples of how to use Coconut oil. Leave a comment below if you have suggestions!
A bientot!

Friday, 14 March 2014


Hey Loves!! I'm so excited to share My daily routine health check tip with You this morning. This tip is My FAV and I just can't get enough of it.
Yeah!! Its ''GREEN TEA'' 
I know its a trend for most Asians but for us African, We are still new to it. 
Green tea comes with a lot of natural health benefits that We just cant overlook. For me,ever since I discovered it and started taking it, My tummy seem to be flatter and I feel very active. 
 I enjoy sipping green tea in the morning before eating, while eating and sometimes at night too.
The health benefits are numerous and I'm yet to see any side effect if there is.
Check out My Green tea mentor *smiles*  in the video Joanna Soh  below.

Are there Asians in the house? Please lets know more about Green Tea.

Thursday, 13 March 2014


Hey Loves!!  As i switched my Coconut oil in my mouth this morning while thinking of the topic to write on, it occured to me that many people do not know much about this oil pulling method.
This method which is an old long way of using natural substance to clean and detoxify the body is recommended to be done in the morning by simply switching oil in your mouth. There are several oils one can use such as Sesame oil, Coconut oil, grapeseed oil and other essential oils. But my favorite oil remains Coconut oil.
 In my research about this method, i found out that it cleans the body by drawing/pulling harmful bacteria from the gum,teeth and even the body, thereby improving oral health.
I got to know about this method last year when i stumbled on a youtube video called 'holistichabits'
Find the video below.
Since i started oil pulling, i have experienced improved oral health, whiter teeth and less insensitivity.
This method is very affordable, beneficial and has no side effect.
Here's my procedure for oil pulling.

  1. I do it first thing in the morning 
  2. Switch 2-3 sppons of coconut oil or quantity my mouth can carry for about 20 minutes.
  3. Spit out the coconut oil turned milky, light foamy substance out.
  4. Brush my  mouth with y toothpaste and brush
  5. Rinse mouth thoroughly
Meanwhile check out the video for more info on this. Do give this a try for a healthier oral health and if you've used the method, do share your experience.
A bientot!!
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Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Lips give our face the ultimate appeal to our face. Healthy,nice looking and soft lips are every girl's dream, this goes a long way to reveal a lot about your health and lifestyle. Sometimes the lips gets so dry that we intend or try to moist it
 by  licking them, especially during the harmattan season for people living i West Africa. 
I was once a victim until i discovered an easy way to make my lips soft, nice and locked up in moisture without having to lick my lips continuously and the good thing about the method i used is that i found the ingredients for my recipes right in my kitchen.
Here's the  lip care regime that got me a natural,soft and nice lips.
  1. Regular use of vaseline or petroleum jelly,especially before bedtime at night.
  2. Massaging your lips by rubbing the lips together,not licking with your tongue.
  3. Exfolaiting  your lips; i do this once in a week by mixing a tea spoon of honey, drops of lemon juice, a teaspoon of coconut oil and sugar. Apply the mixture to my lips and scrub the lips with it. Leave on for at least ten minutes and wash off. It works wonder! (Actually this is my favorite recipe)
  4. Never lick your lips! Yes, don't be tempted to lick your licks, it will make your licks dry,dull and chapped. 
  5. Keep your lips hydrated by drinking water. Regular intake of water is so good for your lips,so increase the amount of water that goes into your body and take at least 6-8 glassees of water daily.
  6. Eat skin nourishing food. Veggies and fruits will do your lips no wrong, so opt for natural fruits and vegetables. 
These are the few methods i use and I am still on this journey. If your tried this steps or any other steps that worked for you, please share your tips with us.
A bientot!!  

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Hey Loves!!
 Here's a good news for you all.
Our darling blog is back!
I took time away to study, reinvent, equip myself and get tips on blogging so as to bring the right information to you via our darling blog.This time i will try my best to post daily tips on health, beauty routine and for food lovers like me, i will do my best to bring you great, mouth watering ''RECIPES" that will keep you refreshining this page.
Your ideas and suggestions on moving this blog further is welcomed and will never be neglected.
Thank you and lets do this together